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The Indian toy industry is currently valued at USD 1.5 billion and accounts for around 0.5% of the global demand. Dominated by MSME manufacturers, the industry is highly unorganized and labor-intensive. The presence of large informal sector, higher raw materials cost & cheaper imports act as headwinds.

However, the industry is capable of registering strong growth, owing to a large domestic market, rising disposable income, and low per capita spend on toys. Increasing the availability of quality toys in the domestic market together with creating sustainable market linkages for traditional toymakers is expected to provide the necessary boost to the sector. A large pie of the domestic demand is currently met through imports, and the focus is thus on nurturing the domestic industry to meet increased demand by creating a vibrant vendor ecosystem.

The Government of India, with the support of industry stakeholders, is working towards revitalizing the industry and boosting the competitiveness of the sector. The India Toy Fair 2021, is one such initiative, which will bring together investors, businesses, MSMEs and artisans on a common platform, to propel the growth of the Indian Toy Industry. Come join us in the playground!

The India Toy Fair is an unparalleled opportunity to enhance your knowledge of the industry, discover emerging trends, opportunities and innovations and develop new business ideas. Over 800 exhibitors have registered for the event.


  • Expand your network and create strategic B2B alliances for growth
  • Discover the Indian toy industry, it’s artisans, manufacturers and traders
  • Connect, interact and network with the various stakeholders of the Toys Sector
  • Learn about emerging trends and opportunities in the sector
  • Acquire pertinent skills to thrive in the Indian Toys Industry

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